Welcome to my personal site, me being Hesham Wahba of course. I’ve written a number of programs and utilities for Linux as well as the iPhone and iPad and have them published around, some of my latest work is linked here. Please check out my projects and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues.

The latest project to consume my time has been the Ibex virtual reality desktop. The goal is to get it a beautiful minimal 3D world running that you can explore and work in with a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift. Currently I can imagine creating many virtual desktops and virtual screens to work on while giving you the freedom to explore and relax in an environment of your choosing. Check out the project page for more information, videos and screenshots as well as my development diary.


2/17/2014 - Submitted Floppy Smogy to the iOS AppStore

1/20/2014 - Mac and Windows ibex Beta 27 with new App Launcher and Retina Mac support

1/10/2014 - Mac and Windows ibex Beta 26 with SBS/interlaced stereo video support

1/3/2014 - Windows ibex Beta 25 with Windows multi-monitor support

1/2/2014 - Mac and Windows ibex Beta 24 with visual tweaks

1/1/2014 - Mac and Windows ibex Beta 23 with universal architecture fixes, video playing, camera viewing fixes

12/29/2013 - Mac and Windows ibex Beta 22 released with huge fixes for Windows desktop usage and small fix for OSD stretching

12/28/2013 - Mac and Windows ibex Beta 21 released! Movies, OSD, Menus, tons of updates!

12/08/2013 - Mac ibex Beta 20 released with trees, model loading, normal mapping, better shadow mapping, gamma correction and more!

12/01/2013 - Mac ibex updated to add jumping, water effects with caustics, can bring up display anywhere in world, nicer terrain, option to reduce quality for performance reasons. Beta 19 as well :)

11/29/2013 - Mac ibex now supports water shading with Perlin noise. New beta 18 released. Video and screenshots on ibex page

11/27/2013 - Mac ibex now supports shadow mapping for more interesting scenes! New beta 17 released

11/24/2013 - Mac ibex now also added per-pixel lighting and fixed skybox for OpenGL 3.3 renderer

11/24/2013 - Mac ibex now uses OpenGL 3.3+! Requires newer hardware though

11/22/2013 - Beta 16 for the Mac ibex released, Beta 15 still up for safety

11/21/2013 - ibex source for Mac updated to do more caching of the distortion shader, not 100% yet

11/19/2013 - ibex source for Mac now uses 0.25 Oculus Rift SDK and properly uses your calibrated profile!

11/17/2013 - ibex source for Mac now supports Chromatic Aberration correction

11/12/2013 - Finally updated website. It is now responsive on all devices and faster to load overall

9/9/2013 - Over a year of ibex! Updated Ogre support on Mac build of Ibex to 1.9, binaries soon

8/23/2013 - Updated Windows beta to beta 7 and uses VLC and newer Oculus SDK for new screen form factors and faster, smoother video

8/22/2013 - Updated OSX version to beta 15 to use VLC and newer Oculus SDK as well as test out different screen form factors and faster, smoother video

7/28/2013 - Linux version updated and nearly feature-complete with Mac and Windows versions, work on unifying codebase

5/18/2013 - Huge update to the Windows and Mac version of ibex; Razer Hydra, video playing, and general fixes added. Betas and bitbucket updated.

5/6/2013 - Video playing with basic audio-video sync for the Mac ibex working and on bitbucket now

4/29/2013 - Beginnings of video-playing support in ibex starting with the Mac version

4/27/2013 - Mac ibex now supports head-tracking on the Rift headset and full 60fps on Mid 2011 MacBook Air

4/18/2013 - Mac ibex now supports the Rift headset and with decent performance on an old MacBook Air once more!

4/13/2013 - Updated ibex for Windows binary, hopefully with less debug and more run!

4/12/2013 - ibex for Windows now supports the Rift!!! Download now available!

3/20/2013 - Ogre version of ibex first pass for the Mac is done. The Windows port should get it much quicker now in preparation for the Rift.

2/8/2013 - First test version of Ibex for the Windows is running on my desktop. Check out the ibex page for more details!

1/20/2013 - Mac source for ibex has been released! Check out the page and bitbucket for source.

1/4/2013 - First beta release of Ibex for the Mac available, check the ibex page for more details!

1/3/2013 - ibex for the Mac is moving along

12/9/2012 - Second Prayer Times update ready to submit to Apple App Store!

12/6/2012 - Update 1.3 for Cato’s Hike has finally been submitted to Apple. Adds goto labels and goto’s as well as colored flags and chained looks to look ahead. Making the best game in my opinion to teach children programming on the iPhone and iPad even better!

12/6/2012 - Added manuals for Cato’s Hike for download so you can get a better idea of how the best programming game for kids for the iPhone and iPad (in my opinion) works :) It has some very nice examples in there

11/7/2012 - Cato’s Hike has finally been released on the iTunes App Store!

10/16/2012 - Ogre3D engine for ibex now supports side-by-side rendering and barrel distortion!

10/14/2012 - Ogre3D engine for ibex now supports loading models exported from Blender and a simple landscape with water and the iPhone orientation sensor!

10/8/2012 - Ogre3D engine now works as an ibex plugin, simple for now but it works finally on my desktop!!!

10/2/2012 - shaders and barrel distortion working for Irrlicht ibex plugin

9/26/2012 - side-by-side (SBS) rendering for Irrlicht ibex plugin!

9/25/2012 - modularized ibex renderer into 3 plugins

9/24/2012 - Irrlicht integration for ibex finally works with movement and collision detection! Mention for Ibex on RoadToVR and Mote and Beam

9/23/2012 - after failing to integrate the Ogre3D library with ibex, my second attempt at Irrlicht seems to be a bit more successful, though not really all that great yet, but it does load a Quake 3 level and render the desktop within it!

9/16/2012 - second pass at barrel distortion in Ibex to prepare for the Rift is done, much cleaner and more readable

9/13/2012 - first pass at barrel distortion in ibex to prepare for the Rift

9/12/2012 - Uploaded some demonstrations of ibex on YouTube, check out the project page for details

9/11/2012 - ibex now has an iPhone orientation tracker app so you can test what using the Rift might be like!

9/7/2012 - ibex is now working correctly as a compositing manager and virtual reality desktop; needs work on warping its image for the Oculus Rift though as a next step

9/3/2012 - ibex 3D Linux virtual reality desktop for the Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset) first version released