Ibex for Mac now uses OpenGL 3.3+!

Huge update finally. I discovered why my code kept falling back to the OpenGL 2.x Profile on the Mac and fixed that. Now the published source has been updated to only use OpenGL 3.3+ on the Mac. This probably breaks the Linux and Windows builds and will also mean that you will need a relatively recent video card. Macs from 2011 onwards should be supported as well as some of the older Pro laptops that had discrete video cards.

The benefits of this move are that I can finally start writing modern shader code and take full advantage of the video cards that are coming out today. Also, performance has never been that hot on older hardware to begin with so this just formalizes the minimal requirements needed.

Finally, a screenshot of the OpenGL 3.3 version of Ibex on the Mac! Interestingly enough there seems to be a driver bug on my machine for which I’ve filed a bug report with Apple that causes cubemaps to render random textures rather than the correctly bound ones. It might yet still be a bug in my code but for now I’ll update the code shortly to just render a cube manually with all 6 faces by hand.

Ibex OpenGL 3.3+ for the Mac first version, note the broken skybox!