Video Playing, Help, Menus and Settings Feedback with Win/Mac Beta!

After lots of changes I finally managed to get almost all the features that were in the previous versions of ibex working in the new and improved renderer. The biggest change I wanted to add in addition to the below is the fact that you can now walk where you are looking. You can turn it off with the U key if you’ll be using a joystick or Razer Hydra to walk (in the future) and want to look around freely without influencing your body’s walking direction. You can also bring up the desktop facing you anywhere using \

First off video is working once more, and better than before it now uses the official VLC installed on your system for the build and getting plugins. Previously one had to do a local build which was a huge hassle, so this is a big win for packaging and stability as there are fewer tweaks that need to be made to update to the latest VLC version.

Secondly, the text renderer finally got some love. It no longer renders a screen that you can look around but instead tries to keep everything within your field of view. Only the video file selection requires scrolling but in the future I’ll add support for scrolling on all the screens to allow more information to fit in. It isn’t perfect, but it works.

Another nice tweak was the addition of a mini feedback screen that pops up and fades out whenever you make a change to a setting so you know what the button you hit does. It pops up for about 1.5 seconds then fades out.

Lastly, a few more tweaks that were requested and small fixes:

  • Windows now using OpenGL 3.3+ and ibex should work on Windows XP once again
  • Bring up desktop anywhere facing you at \
  • Bring up menu anywhere with /
  • Unlimited terrain
  • Lock head-tracking to last position using L
  • Lock walking to where looking or allow free-look U
  • depth culling of trees loosened slightly so they don’t pop in and out of view
  • help menu using H key
  • movie playing is back, regular or stereo

Ibex Video

Ibex OSD

Ibex Menus