Tracing Paper

Tracing Paper Icon Tracing Paper AppStore Link is a simple yet elegant universal application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that helps you practice and improve your drawing and sketching skills by giving you a blank translucent canvas with a clean and simple grid on which you can trace anything you wish as often as you like. I believe it will be great for anyone who enjoys drawing or for kids that just want to play around!

After choosing a photo from your library you can adjust its size and location under the canvas using your fingers to pinch to rotate/zoom and one finger to drag it around, then you just trace and shade whatever you wish using your finger. If you make a mistake simply choose the eraser tool and erase your mistake (also, you can use the eraser creatively to help add details in ways that are different from simply drawing), or if you want more accuracy than an eraser there is undo/redo support for up to 8 actions. For those hard to see details zoom, rotate or pan the canvas in for further detail by simply pinching the canvas or using two fingers and dragging to move! For those details where we want the colors to really pop there is now support for coloring and changing the pencil size to draw larger or smaller details as needed! For those moments where you want to quickly fill a region, there is now flood fill support, just press the bucket tool and click in an enclosed region to fill in.

After you are done, wow the world and save your masterpiece to your Photo Library or share it via Email, Facebook, Twitter, PDF or even copy to the clipboard or use open-with to open it in compatible programs to touch it up!

Tracing Paper features:

  • Super-smooth drawing with proprietary OpenGL-based rendering engine
  • Support for tracing any photo from your device’s photo album
  • Gallery mode to browse to create/load/edit your traces
  • Shading support just like a real pencil, draw over the same area multiple times to shade it darker
  • Changing brush size to help draw or shade larger areas
  • Zooming, rotating and panning of the image to trace to focus on the details that matter (pinch to zoom/rotate, two fingers to pan)
  • Flood Fill
  • Undo/redo up to 8 actions
  • Saving your creations to your Photo library
  • Sending your traces via email, Facebook, Twitter, PDF, Open-with for other programs

I am definitely excited about this project and want to continue improving it as much as possible. I’ve already added many features based on feedback I’ve received and I’m always appreciative of new ideas that fit the vision and feel of this app. Please feel free to leave ratings and reviews however you feel and I will do my best to respond with updates!

Thanks for all your comments. You can reach me anytime at the email below or via twitter at: @tracingpaperios. Please feel free to email me ANY questions, comments or crashes you have and I will do my best to fix them. I will continue working to add new features.

iPad Screenshots:

iPadPreview-0 iPadPreview-1 Picture 1 Picture 3 Picture 4

iPhone Screenshots:

Picture 2 Picture 4 Picture 5 Preview2 Preview3

Thank you all for your support! This is my largest update to date and it addresses all the performance and stability requests. Please send me feedback or rate if you like this or want changes, and on the new pen style as it has changed and I will do my best to respond! A new update should follow soon in case you find any bugs or have some quick tweaks to stabilize this release then I can work on new features :)

Version 5.0.6:

  • all new rendering engine OpenGL-based engine using shaders for smoother drawing and no lag!
  • rotation support for drawing
  • can zoom or drag drawing in/out from edges of device so can draw across whole surface!
  • flood fill (bucket fill) tool to shade sketches quickly
  • resizeable eraser
  • auto-saving so you don’t lose your drawings!
  • faster saving
  • Twitter support
  • PDF export and emailing support
  • copy to clipboard support so you can paste directly in emails or other programs
  • “Open With…” support so you can open background images from many programs directly into Tracing Paper
  • “Open With…” support so you can open your traces straight into other programs for finishing touches!
  • undo levels raised to 12
  • undo clearing the screen
  • undo bucket fill
  • retina support on the new iPad
  • new app icon
  • new icons in app for more clarity
  • gallery has nicer labels on the artwork
  • user manual and about on the main gallery page
  • fix deleting and adding new pictures having weird overlay animations in gallery
  • fix blank labels on drawing tool dialog
  • fix blank labels on low memory
  • requires iOS 5.0 or higher

Version 4.4:

  • double resolution of tracing image for sharper and larger drawings!
  • Appirator support to allow rating of app

Version 4.3:

  • clone drawing support
  • bug navigating back to gallery leaving app in crop mode
  • fix dots appearing when zooming image
  • made starting a trace a bit clearer
  • fix animations to and from gallery
  • canvas lock
  • memory leaks
  • email contains image title when sharing
  • raise lite trace limit to 2

Version 4.0:

Critical fix:

  • Save when multi-tasking out to prevent losing image
  • Memory leaks and data loss plugged!

Big new features:

  • Landscape image and interface support!!!!
  • Image titles
  • Larger max brush size
  • Brush transparency slider
  • Labels on sliders to find and reuse old values
  • Anti-aliasing for drawing as well as saving
  • Color Palette (saved with image)
  • Disable grid lines support
  • Dropshadow on traces in gallery
  • Gallery browsing performance enhancements
  • Image exporting performance enhancements
  • Disable gridlines
  • Multitasking save on exit support
  • Retina saving iPhone fix
  • Fullscreen

Version 3.0:

  • Rotate and crop trace image, easier to work with landscapes now
  • Placement of trace image anywhere instead of just top left
  • Print support
  • Grid settings: change size, transparency or turn it off!
  • Raise undo limit to 8 actions
  • Support for drawing points
  • Pinch to zoom and two fingers to pan, much faster than using the magnifying glass (user-requested)
  • Crop picture to trace on selecting it, no need for a confusing crop button anymore
  • Fix selecting colors so doesn’t default to black on first color one picks

Version 2.1.0:

  • drawing of dots by tapping on a spot
  • pinch to zoom and use two fingers to scroll at any time, no more zoom button
  • crop pictures on selecting them, got rid of crop button
  • [fix] on choosing a color for drawing set brightness higher first time so doesn’t always appear black

Version 2.0:

  • support for different brush sizes (user-requested)
  • support for color (user-requested)

Version 1.5.1:

  • fix crashes on iOS 3.x devices

Version 1.5:

  • iOS 4 fast-task switching support
  • iPhone 4 double-resolution display support with newer icon and higher resolution drawing-canvas